Famous People With Disabilities

Famous People With Learning Disabilities:

Walt Disney: Walt was fired from the Kansas City newspaper for not being creative enough and was considered “slow” as a child. He is now considered one of the best known motion picture producers in the world, and holds the record for the most awards and most nominations.
Albert Einstein: Arguably the greatest physicist of all time. Known for his theory of relativity and E=mc2. He revolutionized the way we think of the universe and opened up our eyes to the possibilities in front of us.
Winston Churchill: Was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and one of the greatest political leaders of the twentieth century. Known for his powerful speeches it’s ironic that he had a stuttering problem and hated school and math.
Alexander Graham Bell: Well known as the inventor of the telephone and one of the founders of National Geographic Society, had dyslexia, poor grades, and a general indifference towards almost everything except science.
Thomas Edison: Patenting over 1000 inventions including the light bulb, Edison had dyslexia, difficulty with speaking and words, was considered too dumb to be in school, and hated mathematics.
George Patton: Patton was most known for leading the U.S. in World War II as an Army General. In World War I he was a senior commander of the new tank corps. He was deficient in reading throughout his whole life and had to memorize his lectures just to get by.