Classroom Expectations

Miss Johnson Classroom Expectations and Daily Performance Assessment for 8th Grade Georgia HIstory


Be Prompt! Arrive to class before the BELL. Turn in assignments when "DUE."

Arrives late and turns in assignments late. Each tardy is minus 1 point from student's grade. Students more than 10 minutes late are absent.

Arrives on time and turns in assignments on time.

Arrives early and turns in assignments early.

Be Prepared! Demonstrates positive & sharing Behavior. Brings need materials* to class.

Negative attitude and missing *required materials.

Positive attitude and has * required materials.

Demonstrates enthusiastic attitude , "I want to learn more." Shares their materials with others.

Be Polite! - Cooperates with the teacher and other students. Abides by school rules and meets classroom expectations.

Uncooperative with teacher and/or students. Breaks rules. Fails to meet classroom expectations.

Cooperates with teacher and students. Follows rules and meets classroom expectations.

Works with teacher to help other students learn through peer tutoring.

Follows directions, is on task, and does not disrupt the class.

Fails to follow the directions. Is off task. Is disruptive. Out of room without pass. Equipment left out or turned on.

Follows the directions. Is on task. Is not disruptive. Checks passes and Equipment in and out.

Helps others to correctly follow the directions and stay on task. Helps prevent disruptions in the classroom.

*REQUIRED MATERIALS : 3 Ring Notebook/ Notebook paper/ Pencils/Pens/ Positive Attitude