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Your 4th grader is about to embark on a journey around the United States. There is so much to learn about our wonderful country!  We will begin studying the regions of the United States. Within our regions study, we will delve into what makes each section of the United States unique and connected.


Another activity will be doing is a state research report which will include a project board. Your child will be given a state to research with guiding questions and research notation. We will do much of the research in class. I do ask, however, that the project board be completed at home. I encourage each child to e-mail, write, or call their state’s tourism office to obtain information about their state.  I will send more details as the due date comes closer. Look for more information about the project requirements and grading rubric around mid-March. Here are the documents whih will aid students on their research.


State Report Rubric           Name: ___________________________________

Content and Appearance

Cover (all items included)                                                                                                             _____/10

 Report information completed: (content and photos)

 1. Introduction (state bird, state flag, state flower, state seal)                                                _____/20                                                                         

 2. Body 1 (the State Got Its Name and the State Nickname, statehood history)                _____/10

 3. Body 2 (climate, natural resources, manufacturing, agriculture, landforms)                 _____/15                                                                          

 4. . Body 3: (Places of Interest-tourist attractions, national parks)                          _____/10                                                                         

 5. Body 4: (famous people and fun trivia)                                                                                         _____/10                                                                         

 6. Conclusion (well written, 5 paragraphs)                                                                                     _____/5                                                                          



 Bibliography (at least 3 sources and complete)                                                                        _____/5

 Neatness (writing, clean pages, not crumbled/torn)                                                                _____/10

 Overall Effort Shown                                                                                                                      _____/5


Writing Mechanics

 Punctuation                                                                                                                                     _____/10

 Capitals and periods                                                                                                                      _____/10

 Spelling                                                                                                                                             _____/10

 Complete sentences without missing words                                                                            _____/10

 Overall quality of writing (format and flow)                                                                             _____/10

 Neatness (writing, clean pages, not crumbled/torn)                                                                _____/10



Research Notes (all items completed)

Each section must have written information                                                                                     _____/20                                                                                                                                                             



 Total Writing Grade: ___________/180


State Oral Report Rubric                                                            Name _________________________


State name and nickname                                                                                                                            _____/5

Tell the number of your state                                                                                                                     _____/5

State flag and symbols importance                                                                                                           _____/5

5 facts                                                                                                                                                                   _____/5



Length: 1 - 3 minutes long                                                                                                                            _____/5              

Eye Contact                                                                                                                                                        _____/5

Volume                                                                                                                                                                _____/5

Body control                                                                                                                                                       _____/5

Notes Cards as reference                                                                                                                             _____/5

Overall Speech readiness                                                                                                                             _____/5


 Total Social Studies speech grade : ___________/30


State Project Rubric           Name: ___________________________________


 1. Name of state is clearly visible and spelled correctly. Your name is on the project.     _____/2                                                                        

 2. All handwriting is neat and legible. Most words are spelled correctly.                             _____/5

 3. All information is accurate. The facts are written in your own words.                            _____/5                                                                         

 4. At least 3 books or websites are listed as resources.                                                              _____/3                                                                        

 Section Total                                                                                                                                               _____/15



Mandatory (all of these things MUST be included in your project).

  1. A map of the state is included somewhere on the project.                                        _____/3
  2. The state capital (name and location is clearly marked on the map).                         _____/2
  3. A timeline is included with the date of statehood and 3 important events.             _____/5
  4. The state bird flower, and seal are included.                                                                       _____/5
  5. Include an image of the state flag and description of the symbols of on the flag.   _____/5


Section Total                                                                                                                                                      _____/20


Optional (These tasks must total up to 15 points. You may choose any of these to make those points.)

1. Include the state nickname with an original drawing to go with the nickname.            _____/5                                                                         

2. 3 Products or industries of the state with a picture of each       .                                          _____/5

3. Include 2 famous places in the state and why they are famous. Include pictures.         _____/5                                                                         

4. Identify 2 famous people from the state and why they are famous. Include pictures.  _____/5

5. Include 2 important landforms in the state. Tell about them and include pictures.      _____/5   

6. List the names and sports of all major league sports teams from the state (football,

                Baseball, hockey, and basketball). Include pictures.                                                      _____/5 

7.Include a picture of 5 of the state symbols on with their names on it.                                _____/5    

8. Include the names of important colleges and universities in the state.

9. Name two important national parks. Tell a little about them. Include pictures.                              _____/5                                                                      


 Section Total                                                                                                                                                  _____/15                                                     



 Total Project Grade ___________/50




State Report


             You will research one of our great 50 states and write a report about it! The report will be worked on at school, so ALWAYS return notes to your Ms. Ross keep at school folder. You are NEVER to put them in your desk, binder, or leave at home!

          Make sure that the work you do is written using your own thoughts and words. DO NOT COPY exact phrases from books or the internet! I want to read an original report from you, and not a copied report from sources that you use! This report will be handwritten.

          This project has three parts, a written report, a project, and an oral presentation. You will be given a grade in grammar and in social studies for the entire project.

Here is the schedule of due dates:

It is important to follow the due date schedule below so you are not overwhelmed trying to finish the report for the final due date. Completion grades will be given for each separate due date to encourage you to stay on track! Please keep in mind the dates are tentative and will be adjusted according to our class needs.

MC900174377[1] _______ –April 20th- All Research Notes are due

_______ - April 23- 27- Use our research notes to write a rough draft

                   (each day we draft a paragraph)

_______ - April 30th-May 1st- Revising our rough draft

_______ - May 2nd-4th- Peer editing and conferencing with teacher, Begin writing oral presentation

_______ - May 7th-11th Writing our final drafts/finalize oral presentation

_______ - May 14th- Work on oral presentation and memorizing it

_______- May 15th- Send in project materials for students to work on in class for whichever project                            they choose.

_______ - May 17th- Projects due (final report, project piece,

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oral projects ready)


_______- May 21st - Projects presented


Oral Presentation Guidelines:

  • Tell the name of your state and its nickname.
  • Tell the number of your state (e.g. the 32nd) and when your state was added to the Union.
  • Show the State Flag and explain the meaning and importance of its symbols.
  • Tell the five most interesting things you have learned about your state.


1. Make sure your presentation is 1 - 3 minutes long.

2. Use a strong voice and good eye contact.

3. You may use note cards for reference but DO NOT READ to the class. Presentations should be memorized.

Research Notes Details:

  • Complete note pages in whatever order you wish. Make sure you track your sources.
  • Notes must be turned in completed for a grade by the date indicated on the front page.
  • Complete all sections of notes.
  • Notes should be kept in your folder at school.
  • You should also insure that notes are used to create your final report and project.


State Report Details:

Cover: Use a white sheet of copy paper.

1. At the top of your page write the name of your state (be creative with lettering if you like!).

2. At the bottom of your cover, in the middle, write your first and last name. Underneath this, write the date.

3. In the center of the cover, you need an image- Maybe a map of your state. This could be hand-drawn or computer copied.

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Report Pages:

A combination of text and pictures (hand drawn or printed), graphs, and drawings should be included. Make sure to label any maps/charts or pictures. It is important to write in complete sentences using correct spelling and punctuation. Also, neatness and presentation counts. NO CRUMPLED, CHOCOLATE, or PIZZA stained papers please. Do your best work!

You may complete the note pages in any order but when you put your state report together, you need to place information in the paragraphs in the following order.

1 Introduction: State Flag, state bird, state flower, state seal.

2. Body 1- Statehood History and nickname, and how it got its actual name)

3. Body 2: Climate, landforms, natural resources or manufacturing and agriculture

4. Body 3: Places of Interest (tourist attractions) and National Parks (or National Monuments or National Historic Sites)

5. Body 4: Famous People (From your State) and State Trivia (unusual/interesting facts)

6. Conclusion paragraph: Wrap it up.


At the end of the report, you need to include a list of the sources you used. You need at least three sources but more is better. Sources could include books (title and author of the book), internet sites and encyclopedias (name of the encyclopedia).


See project notes attached. Students will choose 1 project



Helpful websites:


Helpful Applications:

Stack the States


Fun Videos: