Reading Tips

Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Child


Reading aloud to your child is an activity that can help your child develop their listening, verbal, and reading skills. Research has found that reading aloud to your children on a daily basis is the single most important thing you can do to build future readers. The following is a compiled list of tips to use when you are reading aloud to your child.


  • Take your time and read slowly so that the story has more impact as your child looks at the pictures and asks questions about the story.

  • Did you know that your child can play or draw and still listen to the story? If sitting during the story is a problem, don’t force your child to sit while you read.
  • Do take time to answer your child’s questions about the story. You can enhance their verbal skills while increasing their reading ability.
  • Don’t use books to threaten your child. For example, don’t tell a child that if he/she doesn’t pick up their room, then you won’t read them a story today.
  • Remember, reading is fun! Try to promote a positive attitude towards books!
  • Continue to read aloud to your child even when they learn to read by themselves. Most children have a listening vocabulary that is higher than their reading vocabulary. So you can read aloud more challenging books. This will in turn motivate your child to read more advanced books.