Biography Project Directions


1.  Choose a person in history that you feel has overcome adversity.  This can be anyone of your choice, as long as they overcame adversity at some point in their life.  You will need to discuss this aspect of their lives in your biography project.

2.  After you have chosen your person, you will need to begin doing research, be sure to cite your information.  

3.  Once your research is complete, choose the information that you feel is the most important.  You will then use this information to create a biography of your person.  Your final product will be a video, highlighting the most important infomration in his/her life.   To begin planning your final product, you much complete a story board that depicts what will occur throughout your video.  Provide details and a script of what will be said throughout the video.  

4.  Record your first copy of your video using iMovie.  


                   -Title Scene

                   -Five Content Scenes

                   -Credit Information-be sure to site your sources

                  -Must include sounds, narration, and transitions

5.  Edit your video and upload your final product to  Be sure to send me the link.