R8.B.2.2.1  Identify, interpret, describe, and/or analyze point of view of the narrator as first person or third person point of view

R8.A.2.3.1  Make inferences and/or draw conclusions based on information from text

R8.A.2.4.1  Identify and/or explain stated or implied main ideas and relevant details from text

R8.A.2.6.1  Identify and/or describe intended purpose 

R8.A.2.5.1  Summarize the major point, processes, and/or events of nonfictional text

R8.B.1.1.1  Interpret, compare, describe, analyze, and/or evaluate the relationships among the following with literary nonfiction: character, setting, plot, theme


Educational Goals and Objectives:


-Students will infer character traits and motivation that are stated and implied in the text.

-Students will analyze and evaluate the relationship/role that setting, character, plot, and theme play in nonfiction.

-Students will be able to determine point of view and the effectiveness of its use and will analyze the role point of   

             view plays in literary nonfiction.

-Students will be able to determine and analyze author’s purpose.

-Students will be able to determine stated or implied main ideas.  Students will summarize key events and major


-Students will draw conclusions and make inferences based on information in text.