A Day in the Life of Miss Hernandez's Classroom

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Morning Routine: Each morning, I will be standing at the door and gretting the studnets as soon as they walk in. This will be important for to set the mood for classroom. I can also observe right away how the student is feeling. 

Below is our class schedule. (It's prone to change)

Monday & Wednesday

9:00am Attendance

9:05 Library

9:25 independent reading

9:45 Writing

10:30 Recess/Break 

11:00 Group Work

11:35 Lunch/Recess

12:15 Specials

1:00 Math

1:30 Break

1:40 Science

2:05 Intervention

2:50 Clean Up

3:00 Dismissal

***Tuesday & Thursday Social Studies will be taught instead of Science

***Fridays (every other Friday)

1:00 Snacks and Read aloud

1:30 Recess

2:00 Movie

3:00 Dismissal

End of the Day Routine: Students are expected to clean the clasroom and leave it the way they found it when they first walked in. 


I will use two types of schedules. 

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This will work as a check list to let students know the progress we have made and what still needs to be done. 

I will use a picture schedule. (example of one below)

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