Practical Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

1. Be involved and a part of the school community.

  • Its important for parents to get involved in the education of their child. You never know what relationships can blossom. 

2. Communication among teachers is key!

  • In order to make the best learning experience for your child, communication between you and teachers is very important. That way the teacher can plan for differentiate instruction if needed to meet the needs of your child. 

3. Be supportive and patient

  • Although it might get hard sometimes never give up on your child. Support them in whatever they need because you play a big role in their education.

4. Advocate for your child.

  • Make sure they are getting the learning experience they deserve and that Iep's are meeting their needs. 

5. Practice at home.

  • Practicing at home can benefit your student's education and future. It can enhance their performance in the classroom.

6.Never lower expectations!

  •  Don't lower your expectations just because you think they can't do it. Motivate them to try harder and challenge them to meet their goals. 

Helpful Links for Parents


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