Practical Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers!

1. Be positive! 

  • A positive attitude will encourage learning and facilitate a positive environment for all students. It can influence a student's learning more than you expect. 

2.  Be patient!

  • Students with LID require a lot of patience, mainly because a majority have limitations that hinder their learning. For example, a student with Cerebral Palsy knows the answer, but it takes him a while to communicate it. 

3. Create a safe and comfortable environment for your students.

  • Make students feel safe in the environment they will be spending a majority of their time. that way they are able to focus and learn at their full potential with minimal distractions.

4. Encourage students to work in collaborative groups.

  • Students with disabilities effectively learn from their peers, so if all students work together they can impact each others learning.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

  • As a Special Ed. teacher,  you aren't expected to do everything on your own.  If you ever need help don't hesitate in asking other professionals.  They will understand because they were once in your shoes. 

6. Teach, teach, teach! 

  • Teach students and model for them. Don't expect them to be able to read your mind or know actually what you expect. 

Helpful Links for Newcoming Teachers!

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-Autism Society of America,

- American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD),

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