Welcome to Miss Stanzione's Resource Website

         Thanks for stopping by!   By now you have heard from me via email or phone conversation... great to have met you!   I chose to create this website as a tool for students and parents to keep up with the Skills/Resource Room/Economics classes that I am involved in. It's never easy for students and parents to keep track of all the papers and assignments that pop up or get left behind. To make things as easily accessible as possible, I decided that having everything available to you electronically, 24/7, would make everyone's lives happier, as well address the unique needs of the students.

Here you will find the following items:

1) An outline of what students should be working for the week and, when possible, a list of specific assignments that are recorded as missing by their classroom teachers. 

2) I will attempt to upload copies of materials as provided by students' classroom teachers, such as class notes, review sheets, project instructions, etc. This site does not allow for PDF attachments, so I will attempt to load Microsoft Word documents. They may not always be up here, but I will alwyas have copies of things in the room at least.

3) Available periods for extra help and contact info for me.

In order for this site to be of true value, it is recommended that both students AND parents log on frequently, ask questions, and otherwise use the site as a general resource for materials. Skills and resource classes shouldn't be limited to just a classroom and a desk. Likewise, if a student comes to me and says he/she needs material, and I know it's posted up on this site, I'm probably going to direct them here before printing anything out for them.  Eventually, it will be second nature to check the site for materials they need on their own. This is will help build valuable and transferrable resource skills for the future, which is our true goal. :)