Economics Period 7

For week 3/18- 3/22

We have a test Wednesday 4/3 on PRICING and graphing curves. I have copies of a practice test which mimcks the real thing. We have learned about market equilibrium, shortage, surplus, price ceiling and price floor, and small calculations to determing Total Revenue and Total Cost. 

Jamie should be reviewing material using the online textbook program and sitting with me for re-teaching/pre-teaching of information. We have a test Wednesday, 4/3... I am free 6th period everyday for extra help outside of the Skills Period 2.

Andrew should also be reviewing economics work using the online textbook program and joining Jamie and I 6th period for some review time.  

Brittney should come to me 6th period on Tuesday and Wednesday before the test to go over the material and do a little review. 

Katie would benefit from reviewing with us as well. Her grades are okay as long as she takes a retest, but let's try to not have to take a retest every time :)

Lucas is doing fine, but is welcome to review with me as well.