Skills Period 2


This week 4/1 - 4/5

1) Lucas received a a good report from Mr. P in physics.  He should just stay on top of the labs and keep his test grades up.

2) Katie and Owen should have finished the "Dear Abby" assignment for Mrs. Flood by now. Also, both should consider the extra credit opportunity available. I have the information for that in class.

3) Bryan had his SS paper completed on time! Good for you, Bryan! There is an ELA essay assignment this week that Bryan should keep on top of.

4) Jamie's grades in Economics are better :) She should be reviewing for the small economics test that is planned for Wednesday )I have a practice test), and finishing any ELA work that needs completing - and also consider the extra credit opportunity for ELA.

5) Nick should be keeping up with economics materia, math, and working on his college essay.