School Supply List

8th Grade Supply List

Pens/Pencils (several packs of each)
Paper (500 + sheets)
Colored pencils (2 packs)
Dividers (25)
Highlighters (4)
Three-ring binders (3)
Spiral notebooks (2)
Colored pens (green, red, pink, or purple) (1 pack)
Dry erase pen (2 or 3)
Sheet protectors (25)
Post-it notes (1 pack)
Clean, old sock (for math)
Tissues (2 boxes)
Folders with brads and pockets (10)
Index cards (5 packs, 3x5 size)
Pocket dictionary
Calculators (Algebra A and above – need TI-83 which is recommended for all students, however, a scientific calculator which is less costly can be used for all other math courses.)

Supply items may need to be replenished throughout the school year.  There may be a few additional individual class needs that will be addressed the first week of school.