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Our homework this year will be mostly reading at home 20-30 minutes a night and practicing math facts.  PLEASE make sure your child is reading at home! Thanks! 


We are currently having a contest with each homeroom to see who can have the least absences, tardies, and leaving early (besides for doctor's appointments).  The winner at the end of the six weeks gets to go to the Robinson park with Mrs. Fuqua! 

Hello, everyone! This will be a secondary source of information - the main sources will be facebook (, twitter (@jennifertraudt), and class dojo.  On the links at the top of the page are tons of websites you can go to to have your children learn at home! Remember, my phone number is (254)744-7077, and email is, and you're welcome to contact me there anytime! 

Spelling words - week of April 25-30

signal, solution, spoil, starve, steer, struggle, suitable, survey, swift, symbol, talent, theory, thrill, treasure, triumph

Spelling words - week of April 18-22

predator, predict, prevent, primary, privilege, process, rare, rate, recall, rely, remark, resident, respect, responsible, reverse, revive, risk, scatter, schedule, sensitive

Spelling words - week of April 11-15

habit, harsh, imitate, individual, intelligent, intend, journey, launch, limit, locate, loyal, passage, pause, perform, plunge

No spelling words the week due to Field Day, half day, and district testing!


Spelling words

week of march 21-24

bold, border, brief, brilliant, cable, capture, certain, chill, clever, climate, cling, coast, elegant, enable, examine, explore

Spelling words - Week of march 14-18

ability, absorb, accuse, act, active, actual, adopt, advantage, advice, ambition, ancient, approach, arrange, arctic, attitude, attract, average, avoid

Spelling words

Week of February 29

This week are all math words!

approximate, congruent, equivalent, estimate, factor, hexagon, multiple, octagon, pentagon, perimeter, quotient, sum, difference, product, thousand, perpendicular, parallel

Spelling words

week of February 15-19

puzzled, confused, jealous, envious, distant, evasive, stubborn, impulsive, cruel, preoccupied

Spelling words

week of February 8-12

confident, calm, secure, independent, brave, loyal, courageous, strong, respected, empowered

Spelling words 

week of Feb 1-5

synonyms for interested

interested, eager, enthusiastic, intrigued, excited, inquisitive, intent, earnest, fascinated, engrossed

Spelling words - week of January 25

synonyms for angry/mad

annoyed, irritated, cross, frustrated, grumpy, angry, provoked, offended, indignant, hostile, irate, furious, fuming, enraged

Spelling words - week of January 19

synonyms for scared

afraid, fearful, frightened, timid, cautious, alarmed, nxious, hesitant, petrified, terrified

bonus - apostrophe

Spelling words - Week of January 11

Synonyms for sad

depressed, low, dismal, dreary, dull, moody, sulky, defeated, pessimistic, hopeless, melancholy, somber, despairing, miserable, blah

December 7-December 11

text, next, exit, sixteen, sixth, context, expand, sixty, expect, toxic, excite, explode, explore, index, flex

November 30-December 4

No spelling words or homework this week, due to our practice STAAR tests on Tuesday and Wednesday!


Spelling words - week of November 16

ate, eight, by, bye, buy, deer, dear, flour, flower, hair, hare, knew, new, know, no, right, write, weather, whether

Spelling words - week of November 9

This week's words are homophones, so more than spelling, students need to know which word goes with which meaning.

your, you're, to, too, two, their, there, they're, loose, lose, clothes, close, pair, pear, its, it's, red, read, are, our

bonus: homophone


Spelling words - week of November 2

c, k, ck

crust, clang, cling, cast, cannot, class, scan, fact, kept, king, skip, skill, ticket, bucket, locker, jacket, pocket, cricket, locket, skit


bonus: factor

Spelling words - week of October 19

stripe, hike, crime, slime, mile, smile, dime, drive, pride, quite, silent, title, pilot, final, migrate, climax, supply, apply, ally, comply

​​Spelling words - week of October 6-9

final e sound - ee or y

glee, flee, free, tree, three, employee, committee, referee, handy, empty, twenty, plenty, victory, angry, entry, hungry, pantry, memory, happy, penny

Spelling Words Week of September 28

  1. feed
  2. meet
  3. need
  4. sleep
  5. screen
  6. speed
  7. greed
  8. complete
  9. athlete
  10. extreme
  11. concrete
  12. meter
  13. event
  14. decay
  15. fever
  16. remember
  17. secret
  18. behind
  19. behave
  20. delivery


bonus: visualize

Spelling words - week of 9/21:

ending in ed

filmed, peeled, banged, spelled, spilled, smelled, pinned, hemmed, planned, rubbed, robbed, skimmed, trimmed, scrubbed, grabbed

Bonus: literature

Spelling Words - week of 9/14:

champ, chunk, cheek, chapter, children, cheerful, switch, match, hatch, stretch, scratch, lunch, munch, quench

bonus: inference


We just finished our practice STAAR tests, and your children worked so hard! In fact, EVERYBODY passed
Reading, which is amazing!! Now it's time to party! Our Valentine's party will be tomorrow from 2:30-3:00 - thank you to the parents who sent shoeboxes to decorate!!

AR the past two weeks has been PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!! We have had over 70 points in each of the last two weeks!! Keep reading!

Practice STAAR Math, Reading, and Writing tests will be this week - please make sure your child is rested, has a good breakfast, and is on time. Thank you!!!

We have one new spot open for before school tutoring - if your child gets here by 7:30, and you feel they would benefit from some extra help, let me know!

Reminder: Our Valentine's party will be Friday, February 13, from 2:30-3:00! Notes went home Friday and I'll send another copy home on Tuesday!

No spelling words this week because of practice STAAR tests :)

Just a reminder!! Most of our class news is being posted on our Facebook page now! Please go to for class news, photos, and videos! (You can also search on Facebook for "Traudt's Terrific Team). I will continue to post spelling words and educational websites (on the Learning at Home link) on this site, and you can always contact me on Facebook, via email, or by phone with any questions!!

We took our STAR Math and Reading tests this past week to see how much we've grown! The students have done a great job!

Remember! 4th Grade Music Concert

December 16

6:00 pm

This Week's Spelling Words

considerable, content, contribute, crafty, create, demonstrate, descend, desire, destructive, develop, eager, ease, entertain, entire, entrance, envy, essential, extraordinary, flexible, fragile

bonus: deposition (as used in science)

This Week's Spelling Words

accurate, address, afford, alert, analyze, ancestor, annual, apparent, appropriate, arena, arrest, ascend, assist, attempt, attentive, attractive, awkward, baggage, basic, benefit

This Week's Spelling Words

September 29  - October 3

nonfat, nonsense, overdone, overhead, misbehave, misspell, misled, defeat, deform, decrease, underfed, underground, bicycle, binocular, tricycle, triangle, quadrilateral, quadrant, octagon, octopus

This Week's Spelling Words:

September 15-19

synonyms for "said"

commented, observed, replied, stated, chatted, cheered, cried, groaned, mumbled, wailed, whispered, argued, boasted, demanded, roared, yelled, asked, explained, lied, squealed

bonus: subject and predicate

Spelling Words!

4th Grade

September 2-5

rolled, fingers, except, accept, couldn't, questions, catch, its, mark, button, bargain, certain, orphan, fountain, oxen, latitude, longitude, compass, absolute, Equator

Bonus: regions

Spelling Words

May 19-23

why, while, when, white, whine, wham, whip, whelm, whimper, whither, whisper, whisk, whimsical, whim, wheel, whack, whale, whistle, whirl, wheeze

Spelling words for March 17-21

synonyms for sad

depressed, low, dismal, dreary, sulky, defeated, pessimistic, hopeless, melancholy, somber, despairing, miserable, blue, gloomy, disappointed, discouraged, heartbroken, unloved, helpless, ashamed

Spelling Words for March 3-8

All synonyms for happy :)

festive, content, relaxed, calm, complacent, serene, peaceful, joyous, ecstatic, inspired, pleased, grateful, cheerful, excited, optimistic, carefree, playful, elated, jubilant, thrilled

bonus: enthusiastic

Spelling Words for February 24-28

These words are all synonyms for "mad". The next few weeks will have synonyms for other feelings to enrich the students' vocabulary.

angry, annoyed, irritated, cross, frustrated, grumpy, offended, indignant, hostile, irate, furious, fuming, enraged, crabby, cranky, disgusted, smoldering, impatient, destructive, explosive

Spelling words

Week of February 17-20

chapter, charm, children, cheerful, witch, switch, botch, scratch, snitch, crunch, lunch, brunch, munch, quench, screech

Bonus: characterization

Spelling words

week of February 10-14

straw, thaw, flaw, outlaw, seesaw, halt, scald, flase, because, launch, caution, laundry, pauper, cause, pause, auction, automatic, August, Austin, faucet

bonus: probability

Spelling Words

Week of February 3-7

grate, state, shame, square, brave, shave, blame, fable, staple, native, ladle, canine, cradle, acorn, crater, play, spray, sway, Sunday, yesterday

bonus: bonus

Spelling Words

Week of January 27-February 1

stripe, shine, smile, slide, pride, bedside, excite, recite, decide, define, divide, admire, advice, vampire, reptile, provide, combine, advise, clockwise, describe

bonus: geometry

Spelling Words

week of January 21-24

migrate, hibernate, cooperate, hesitate, educate, celebrate, graduate, evaporate, estimate, participate

Bonus: procrastinate

We only have ten words this week, due to it being a short week!

Spelling Words

Week of January 13-17

picture, nature, rapture, capture, lecture, mixture, pasture, gesture, puncture, rupture, texture, structure, torture, future, fixture, moisture, posture, adventure, temperature, departure

Bonus: thermometer

Only 10 spelling words this week, due to testing and winter party on Friday!

square, splurge, strength, squeak, squeeze, squid, squander, shift, strategy, arthritis

bonus: denominator

Dear Parents:

Our DBAs (practice STAAR tests) will be given this Wednesday and Thursday, and Monday and Tuesday Dec 13 and 14. Please make sure your child gets here on time, is well rested, and has had breakfast. Thanks!

Remember we have a Facebook page, too! Just go to and like us!

Spelling Words

December 9-13

thumb, gnaw, written, knnow, climb, design, wrist, crumb, assign, wrench, knot, wrinkle, lamb, knob, knit, wrestler, bologna, cologne, honeycomb, knickknack

Bonus: quotient

Spelling Words

December 2-6

Compound Words

sunglasses, football, homework, haircut, popcorn, railroad, snowstorm, earring, scarecrow, blueberry, butterflies, lawnmower, campground, sandbox, toothbrush, thumbtack, earthquake, scrapbook, courthouse, whirlpool

Bonus: decomposer

Spelling Words

November 18-22

These words may seem easy, but they're all homophones. Hopefully at the end of the week, the students will know when to use each word.

to, too, two, week, weak, our, hour, stair, stare, flour, flower, write, right, new, knew, their, there, they're, weather, whether

Bonus: homophone

Spelling Words

November 11-15

proud, shower, hour, amount, voyage, choice, avoid, thousand, prowl, employ, bounce, poison, annoy, appoint, broil, however, mountain, coward, turmoil, chowder

Spelling Words

November 4-8

handle, trouble, simple, people, middle, table, little, gentle, poodle, pickle, noodle, saddle, juggle, uncle, riddle, example, throttle, obstacle, miracle, muscle

Bonus: multiplication

Remember, we now have a class Facebook page! This website is linked to it to make it easier for you to access.

Spelling Words

October 28-November 1

The words this week all have an "ah" sound, spelled with either ough, augh, or a

thought, fought, bought, taught, caught, walk, cough, talk, daughter, ought, sought, brought, trough, chalk, stalk, sidewalk, distraught, afterthought, overwrought, beanstalk

Spelling Words

Week of October 21-25

using, getting, easiest, swimming, heavier, greatest, pleased, emptied, leaving, worried, strangest, freezing, funniest, angrier, shopped, included, occurred, supplying, scarier, happiest

Parents - We need 21 trifold boards for the students' research projects. I will send a note home next week, but if you can purchase one for your child, or send $2 so I can purchase one, it would be much appreciated!! I know the Dollar Tree had them a few years ago, and Dollar General usually has some for about two dollars. Thanks!

Spelling Words

Week of October 15-18

This week we're focusing on plurals.

pennies, inches, plants, families, bodies, glasses, wishes, pockets, lists, copies, parties, bunches, crashes, supplies, pencils, accidents, libraries, mysteries, carpenters, merchants

Spelling Words

Week of October 7-11

This week's words are all contractions. I've told the students that we use the apostrophe like a bandaid, covering what 's missing.

let's, he'd, you'll, can't, I'd, you'd, haven't, hasn't, she'd, they'll, when's, we'd, they'd, wasn't, didn't, should've, would've, could've, needn't, you've

GT Nomination Forms (for students nominated by me) are going home today. Please sign and return them. If you would like to nominate your child for GT, please send a note, and I'll send the forms to you! Thanks!

Spelling Words

Week of September 30-October 3


beautiful, safely, kindness, finally, spotless, worthless, illness, helpful, daily, suddenly, wireless, quietly, fairness, cheerful, painful, anxiously, thoughtfully, cautiously, tariness, breathless            Bonus: natural disaster

This Week's Spelling Words

(September 23-28)

This week is focusing on prefixes, especially un, re, dis, and mis.

unhappy, recall, disappear, unload, mistake, misspell, dislike, replace, mislead, disagree, rewrite, unroll, unknown, dishonest, react, unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, mispronounce


A+ card order forms are due tomorrow!!! The money isn't due until next week, but please return the order forms tomorrow, September 18!

Spelling Words

(Week of September 16-20)

The words this week all deal with consonant blends!

camp, sift, bump, loft, bond, sand, damp, raft, limp, fund, pump, soft, band, lamp, pound, lift, lump, send, around, craft

Bonus: estimate

Spelling Words

(Your child should bring home a corrected pre-test today, but if needed, here they are!)

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, thousand,

Bonus: Miss Traudt

Tuesday folders will be coming home starting tomorrow, September 10, and every Tuesday after that. All your child's work will be in that folder from the previous week! You can keep the work and sign the slip I'll include, and send the folder back on Wednesday! Thanks!

We have had an amazing first week of school, and are excited about the second! Starting today, September 3, homework is coming home. Your child will have 2 homework assignments each night - usually spelling and one other. Your child should have their pretest to get their spelling words from, but in case they lost it, here is an extra copy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            at, sad, fan, tan, pan, pat, past, pants, nap, snap, gnat, hand, land, plan, plant, basket, gnat, after, admit, adjust, absent

Hello, and welcome to our 3rd grade classroom website! I will be posting class news, spelling words, and homework assignments on here, so feel free to check daily!


About Miss Traudt:

I grew up in Waco, and graduated from Waco High School. I went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington and graduated in 2010. I taught 4th grade at North Waco Elementary, and then spent 2 wonderful years teaching 3rd grade at South Waco Elementary. This is my 1st year at Parkdale and I am so excited! I love reading and playing with my two dogs (Watson the Dachshund and Champ the Bulldog). My inspiration in life and in teaching is my mother, who recently retired after teaching for 40 years.

Teaching is my passion, and I will do everything possible to help your child succeed this year! You can always call me (254)744-7077 or email me (  My goal is to help your child not only learn, but to realize learning is fun!