Denver, CO

Denver, CO


1. Go to

2. Chose today's date for arrival and tomorrow for departure.  Go down to the green button and click view rates.

3. Chose a room and write down the price in your spending spreadsheet.



1. Go to this site: and find an attraction that you would like to do. Remember to write down what you chose and the cost!


1. Go to: Read the Denver History

2. Write down the main idea and three supporting details.


Writing Activity:

1. Chose either to write a postcard or a journal entry for the day. Write about what you did and what happened where you were. Be creative! Come up with one cause and effect that happens on your trip and include it in your writing!


Financial Spreadsheet:

1. Make sure you have written down the cost of gas, the cost of the hotel, the cost of your activity, and the cost of food in your spreadsheet.

2. Add up all your costs from the day and subtract it from your total balance remaining so you know how much money you have left.