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Welcome Students and Families!

Hello! My name is Miss Z and I am pleased to be a teacher of this third-grade class!  I have so many exciting things to share with you and your families. Third grade is such a fun year with so many wonderful learning activities. My most important goal is to create a family of learners in our classroom. It is my top priority to make sure my students are in an environment where they feel committed to learning, comfortable enough to make mistakes, and feel safe enough to go out of their comfort zone- which is where growth is seen the most! I believe that if we work together, we can accomplish so many things! 


I know that remote learning can be tough sometimes, but don't worry! I found a couple of websites for students and parents that can be used to support learning! They are easy to use for anyone and everyone. The links are below, so explore and enjoy! 


Dance Mat Typing

Typing Games

Data Bases

Kidz Search

Junior Safe Search

Kid Rex

Learning Apps



BrainPOP jr.


Learning Ally

Digital Literacy


Studio Code




The Cat in the Hat

Digital Citizenship Resources


Internet Safety

Internet Safety Tips

For some links, you can only access them if you have a username and password. I made sure that each student has an account for every link posted above.
If you forgot your username and/or password, please contact me.
If you experience some technical difficulties when signing in, please contact me. 

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