Mr. Angell's 7th Grade Math Webpage

Welcome to Mr. Angell's webpage. 

I hope that this page can help students when they are outside of my classroom.

Online Textbook

Did you know that you can go online if you have questions about the math we are doing in class?


All you have to do is go to  


Procedure for using

1. Select Your Subject - Middle School Math

2. Select Your State - Massachusetts

3. Find Your Book - Either  McDougal Little Math Course 2 or Pre-Algebra

                          (Students in Math Course 2 can read the entire book online by using the activiation code 3729310-10)

4. Explore - There are many different choices you have.  Most of the sections will ask you to choose a chapter and/or subject you are working on.  Find the chapter you are working on in class, and click on it.


 Study Island

 Study Island

Do you want to increase your math skills and play games at the same time? 

Log onto and click on the Math (Common Core) link.  You will first need to complete a diagnostic test, then you will be allowed to try other tabs on the page.  After you select a tab, click on the Games tab.  Pick any game you want.  Try to beat other Point Webster high scores, or even statewide high scores.

If any student has forgotten his or her username or password, he or she can ask Mr. Angell in class or email him at