2nd Quarter Calendar

Here's a list of second quarter assignments!!!







Kingdom of Hawaii




7HHK.1.1  Analyze both change and continuity during unification and the monarchy period




-Monarchy Wheel

-Who’s the greatest Monarch? (authentic task..public relations/PR-man for a monarch campaign…voting) 



SS.7HHK.3.6 Describe the Mahele of 1848, why it came about, and the social, political, economic effect it had on native Hawaiians and others 

-Mahele Argumentative Writing

-Mahele Primary Source  Activity...Kalapaki bay Before and After Photographs

-Mahele Pie Charts

-Mahele Advertisement (authentic task… advertising)

Sugar and Plantations


SS.7HHK.3.4 Describe the development of the sugar industry in Hawaii and the economic, social, and political effects it had on HawaiiSS.7HHK.3.5 Describe the coming of early immigrant groups to Hawaii as contract laborers, their experience in the plantation system, aspects of their culture that was brought with them and the relationships that developed between themselves as well as others 


-Sugar was king Newspaper Article!

Sugar Booklet Photobucket Activity… Use of Primary SourcesImmigrant contribution panel (food, music, art, values…authentic task…tv host/reporter)

Intl. EconomicsRole and function of markets


7HHK.8.1 Explain how prices and products were affected by the interactions between producers in Hawaii and global buyers in this era7HHK.8.2 Describe how trade between Hawaii and other countries is affected by regulations7HHK.7.1  Analyze the relationship between economic activities, their location, and the physical characteristics of a given place 



-Sugar Booklet



SS.7HHK.3.7  Analyze the roles of significant individuals and groups and their involvement in the Overthrow

-Lili’uokalani storyboard Who's Who in the Overthrow?

-Republic of Hawaii Primary Sources Analysis

-Friends and Enemies Matrix -Overthrow Series of Events Chain

-Overthrow Homepage (authentic task…web design writing of blurbs and blogs)



2nd quarter Social Studies assignments List (here are your list of assignments)                             

Kapu stystem

___ true life liholiho story (AVID 5 paragraph writing model)

__true life writing guide (graphic organizer –prewrite)

___artifact list (Avid primary source artifact analysis)

__end of kapu text dependent questions

__pressured to end kapu text dependent questions

__kapu destroyed text dependent questions

__end of kapu time capsule (authentic task)

__end of kapu series of events chain (AVID series of events chain)



__30 line play (AVID Tableau)

__venn diagram (AVID graphic organizer)

__primary source activity (AVID primary source analysis)

__missionaries  text dependent questions

__changed Hawaii text dependent questions



__mahele advertisement (authentic task-advertising)

__mahele grid (graphic organizer)

__mahele vocab (vocabulary)

__land ownership text depepndent questions

__Mahele flip chart (graphic organizer with evaluation taxonomy)

__kuleana text dependent questions

__mahele true false

__social, economic, political impacts paper (graphic organizer/during reading)

__pie charts 1848 and 1850 (integrated lesson-MATH)


Sugar Industry

__Kalapaki Bay Primary Source Activity (AVID primary source analysis)

__sugar cause and effect (AVID cause and effect chart)

__sugar industry  text depepndent questions



__Liliuokalani storyboard

__ 10 steps (AVID series of events chain)

__Liliuokalani text dependent questions

__Queen Homepage  (graphic organizer)

__friends and enemies text dependent questions



- Don't forget to look for the history all around you!!!

Look for Hawaii visitor bureau markers and ask yourself, "Does this tie in to what we learned about in class"?