Overthrow Assignments

Lili’uokalani  Text Dependent Questions (Purple Book)

Topic:   Reasons behind the overthrow



Pg. 37

1. What was the queen’s goal?

2. Give three reasons why the Queen decided to write a new constitution:

 Pg. 38

3. List two items from her constitution:

 Pg. 41

4. What group had different opinions from the queen?


5. What was their answer to the Queen?

 Pg. 43

6. How did Hawaii lose its earlier advantage over other countries?

7. Why did pro-American businessmen decide annexation was the answer?


Pg. 45

8. Who owned most private land and businesses?

9. Give another reason the businessmen wanted annexation:


10. What group decided to overthrow the Queen?


Summary: Who was behind the overthrow and why did they want to overthrow the Queen?  (answer using at least 5 sentences)






Liliuokalani enemies and friends text dependent questions

Liliuokalani enemies and friends

Committee of Safety1. List the four groups that composed the committee of safety

:2. What did they plan and carry out?

3. Who was the leader of the Committee of Safety

?4. What was another name for the committee?

5. What was their goal?

6. Why did they want to replace the Queen?John Stevens

7. Who was John Stevens?

8. What was his job?

9. List four things the queen’s constitution threatened:

10. What did Stevens want the marines form the USS Boston to protect?

11. Who declared Hawaii had a temporary government?

12. Why was Stevens accused of overthrowing the Queen?

Summary: Explain why was the Queen overthrown?



-Who's Who in the Overthrow

Who is this  person??


Role in the overthrow/Queen’s life Person/thing Role in the overthrow/Queen’s life

Sanford Dole


USS Boston


Republic of Hawaii


Committee of safety


John Stevens


Lorrin Thurston


Robert Wilcox


Grover Cleveland


James Blount


 The annexation club





 The state capital today!