Sugar and Economics Assignments

Sugar Vocab (find answers on The Sugar Industry in Hawaii paper)

Directions: Write the word, give the definition, and use the word in a sentence for each of the words below:


                Old Sugar Mill of Koloa                The Reciprocity Treaty of 1875American Civil War                     The Big Five           the businessmen of missionary families               Amfac                                    missionaries 



definition sentence
 Amfac  A modern name for American Factors a sugar corporation in Hawaii.   Amfac was one of the “Big 5” sugar corporations that controlled the sugar industry in Hawaii. 



Sugar Graphs

 Directions: Set up your paper like this:

Sugar graphs

Line graph  
Bar graph   

 Step one: make 2 graphs of the following information one a line graph and one a bar graph.

Sugar exports in tons


1850 .4
1860 .7
1870 9.4
1880 31.8
1890 129.9

 Step two:  On the back of your paper write and answer the following questions:1. What do the graphs show?   

2. Use your cornell notes to explain why sugar exports ____________from 1850 to 1890:




Sugar Industry Cause and Effect

Directions: Use the boxes below to explain how the sugar industry began in Hawaii. Answer the questions in sentences (restate the question in the answer) and drawings for each box

CAUSE-Why did Kamehameha pass the Mahele? (be specific) Who was involved and what did they do? Who were they related to?

EFFECT ONE-What was the mahele? What did it do?

EFFECT TWO-What businesses began because of the Mahele?Who were the Big 5?

IMPACT OF THE SUGAR INDUSTRY-What were the political social, economic effects of the sugar industry on Hawaii? Give both good and bad effects.



Don't forget to ask your family members to share their memories of Hawaii's sugar plantation era!