Policies and Procedures

These are the rules and procedures for Mrs. Miranda’s classroom and are subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.  

Miranda Rights
1. You have the right to be respectful to your teacher and your fellow students.
2. You have the right to ask for permission before getting up from your
3.  You have the right to bring all required material to class.
4.  You have the right to be quiet when the teacher or another student is talking.
5.  You have the right to come to class on time.

These may be given out in any order depending on the behavior.  Any
behavior violating school rules will be dealt with by the schools issuance
of consequences for this behavior, such as bringing illegal or unsafe
material or substances to school.
1.    Verbal Warning
2.    Extra Work
3.    Office Referral
4.    Principal, Teacher, and Student Conference

1.    Extra Points
2.    Movie Day

1.    Before getting up from your desk you must ask the teacher’s                                                            
2.   Group work will be assigned by me.  When asked to get into groups         you must quietly go to the designated spot for each group and work quietly unless working on exercises that require more vocal use.  The teacher will be the one to govern whether or not it is necessary to use louder voices.
3.   You must raise your hand and be given permission to speak.  No yelling out answer or other thoughts.  Remember to respect the teacher and the other students when they are talking.
4.   There will be daily exercises that must be completed within the first five minutes of class.  They are called bell ringers.  They will be checked daily.  The procedure will be provided on additional paper.

1.  I want you to succeed in the class, but with integrity.  Cheating is not   allowed in class.  If you cheat you will receive a zero for the assignment and you will be required to call your parents and tell them personally that you cheated and are receiving a zero as a result.  Don’t lose my respect and trust as well as your own self-respect.
2.  Cursing and crude language are not proper English.  Don’t even try.

Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises
1. When you enter the classroom you must go to the journal basket assigned to your class period and take out the folder with your name on it and return to your desk.  You will then get a separate piece of paper out and begin the bell ringer on Mondays.  The rest of the week you must get the sheet with your bell ringer out of the designated basket for your class.  We try to go as green as possible in Mrs. Miranda’s class.
2. You will have the first five minutes of class to answer the grammatical or vocabulary question which will be listed on the white board.
3. We will discuss the exercises afterwards.  I will then assign a student each day to collect the exercises and turn them into the basket.
4. Exercises will be checked every Friday.  Missing entries will result in the loss of 5 points per missing work.

Journal Writings
As we experience our different works of literature we will write journal responses discussing the different aspects of the literature and our own personal reactions to what is happening in the story. These journal articles will be written in class and will be graded every Friday.  Any missing entries will result in a deduction of points.  The in-class journal writings must comply with the following criteria:
1.    Must use correct spelling and follow correct grammar rules.
2.    Must be at least one paragraph long.
3.    Must have at minimum five sentences.  (Remember that minimum work receives a minimum grade.)
4.    Must follow the journal topic designated by the teacher.

Policies on Late Work and Absences

Late Work:
I want you to succeed and I understand that there are times when late work is inevitable.  However there are consequences to turning in assignments after the due date.  If an assignment is turned in late you will be executed in front of the class.  Just kidding.  25% of the points assigned will be deducted the first day it is late.  50% is deducted two days after the due date.  After two days you will receive a zero for the assignment.

If something is due on the day that you are absent you must turn the assignment in on the day you return to school.
If something is assigned on a day that you are absent you have one day to turn in the work.
I will NOT chase you down to get work from you or give the work to you.  You are all responsible individuals who know that at school there are assignments and work to be done everyday.  Be responsible and get your missed work from me