AP Daily Outline

AP Daily Outline for Students Based on 100 minute days

1st Quarter: Nature Vs. Nurture: Imperialist


1st Day ½ Aug. 1st

AP student powerpoint

Review Characteristics of AP student


Week 1

Day 2 - Receive Syllabus

Receive Mnemonic Terms Handout

Summer Reading Review

Receive Vocabulary List

Get to Know One Another Activity


Day 3 – Discuss Mythology/ Powerpoint

Biblical powerpoint.

Get Mythology Assignment.


Day 4 - Notes on Types of Criticism

HOD Reading Guide

HOD Literary Critique

Assignment for Literary Critical Theory Presentations.

Turn in Mythology Summary Journals


Week 2

Day 5 - Quiz over Ten Vocab List 1

Existentialism Notes with PP of HOD

Discussion of Heart of Darkness

Analysis & Interpretation Notes


Day 6 - Mnemonic Devices

Poetry Comparisons- Langston Hughes’s “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (1134)

Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach” (843)

William Stafford’s “Traveling through the Dark” (903)

Multiple Choice Test on HOD


Week 3

Day 7 - Elements of Style Syntax Notes

Presentation of Criticisms

Socratic Seminar Ideas and Assignment


Day 8 – Reading of “A Modest Proposal” Satire Review

Socratic Seminar of HOD


Day 9 - Timed Essay of HOD 40 minutes

Discuss Essay


Week 4

Day 10 - Mythology Note Card Due

Tone, Mood, Diction Notes

Shakespeare Background

Tonal Exercise

Act 1 and 2 Read at Night of The Tempest


Day 11 -  Chalk Talk/ QAR Sheet

Quiz over Vocabulary List 2

Prospero: Turkey or Tyrant

Give Time to Work on Questions

Finish Play


Week 5

Day 12 - PPSSSSTTT on a monologue within the play. Annotate.

Share Annotations

Discuss the play’s aspects and main themes using lecture



Day 13 - Test on The Tempest

Open-Ended Question Using The Tempest


Possible Extra Day Here For Multiple Choice.  If not,  Move on the Day 14


Week 6

 Day 14  - Test on Things Fall Apart

HOD and TFA Comparison Prezi.

Reading of Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden”

Prepare to Discuss in Class:

What is the moral dilemma presented within each work?

How do the two texts represent Christianity versus African religious belief and practice?

How do they approach the relationship between the community and the individual?


Day 15 - Quiz on Vocab List 3

(Student -led) Socratic Seminar on Things Fall Apart w/ comparison to HOD (Outside Quotes or Poems)


Day 16 –Poetry Type Notes


Week 7

Day 17 - Romantic Poets Notes

Poems and Look at Themes

Andrew Marvell- “To his Coy Mistress”

Look at AP Multiple Choice Questions for “To His Coy Mistress

Assignment Discussion of Romantic Poet Notes


Day 18 - Multiple Choice Test on Romantic Poets/Poetry

Discussion of Class Hand-Out and Stem Questions


Week 8

Day 19 - In-Class Work on Romance Project


Day 20 - Vocab List 4

In-Class Work on Romantic Project

Hand Out-For Class and AP Questions for Test


Week 9

Day 21 - Presentations


Day 22 - Test on Romance (If a Day is missed, we will take this test next Quarter)








2nd Quarter- Nature of Good and Evil: Exploring Identity within a Text

Week 10

Day 23- Fiction Notes and Characterization

Chaucer Background and PowerPoint

Hand Out Pilgrim Outline.

Prologue Group Assignment - Begin Reading Prologue


Day 24- Finish Reading Prologue.

Share Prologue Group Assignment.

Fill Out Character Outline Sheet in Partners

Assign Trading Cards Assignments


Day 25- Turn in Trading Cards

Quiz over Literary Criticisms

Multiple Choice AP Test Focusing on Poetry

Review Over Answers and Explanations


Week 11

Day 26- Discussion of Sonnets, Rhythm, Rhyme, Figures of Speech

Reading of “My Mistress’s Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun.”

Discussion of poem and meaning.

Sonnet Assignment


Day 27 - Metaphysical Poetry Discussion

Reading of Metaphysical Poems and Creation of AP Stem Questions

Class creation of Test on Poems


Week 12

Day 28 – Turn in Sonnet

Quiz on Poetry Notes

Bedford Annotation Assignment

AP Poetry Rubric Review

“London 1802” and “Douglas” AP Essay Review and Rubric Guide

“Convergence of the Twain” AP Essay Review and Rubric Guide


Day 29 – Discussion of Hamlet

Agree Disagree Exercise in Room

Receive Reading Guide

Read Act I

On-Board Notes of: Setting, Characters, Mood, Language

Act 2 for Homework


Week 13

Day 30- Discuss homework reading.

Character Map of Hamlet.

Answer packet Questions.

Read Act 3 in class.

Read Act 4 as homework.


Day 31 –Bedford Annotation Assignment Due

Discuss Homework Reading

Answer Packet

Finish Hamlet.


Day 32- Socratic Seminar over Hamlet

Hamlet Timed Essay


Week 14

Day 33 – Quiz over Syntax and Elements of Style

AP Poetry and Prose Practice Test


Day 34 – Rhetorical Devices Notes

Shakespeare’s Rhetoric Partner Work.

Macbeth Background Information

Begin Reading Macbeth.

Finish Act I and Read Act II for homework


Week 15

Day 35 – Discuss Families

Macbeth’s Choice and Change

Discuss “Power Corrupts…or Corruption Gains Power”

Act III in class

Act IV as homework.


Week 16

Day 36 – Work on Study Questions

Finish Play

Discuss Ending and Prepare for Socratic Seminar


Day 37 – Quiz over Tone, Mood, Diction

Socratic Seminar Over Macbeth

Comparison to Hamlet and Macbeth


Day 38 – Open Ended Essay Question for Macbeth

Multiple Choice Test over Hamlet and Macbeth


Week 17

Day 39 - Satire Notes and Discussion

Reading of “Macflecknoe”

Re-Visit John Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”

Discussion of Satirical Novels using definitions

Discussion of Existentialism



Watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Fill out Movie Guide Comparing Shakespeare Characters to Stoppard’s Characters



Week 18

Day 41 – Full AP Multiple Choice Test with Timed Essay Portion



ENJOY YOU’RE BREAK!!!!                                    

3rd Quarter: Domesticity in Literature—Societies Ideas of Gender Roles and Identity

Week 19

Day 42- Look at Binders. 

Discussion of Jane Eyre topics.

“19th Century Husband’s Letter to his Wife” by Marcus (1765)    


Day 43- Teacher Led Socratic Seminar over Jane Eyre


Week 20


Discussion of Victorian Literature-Powerpoint

Discussion of Roles of Woman.


Day 45- Victorian Poetry Unit

Discussion of Key Poets

Review of Poetic Styles and Differences

Discussion of Poetry Project

Group Work on Victorian Poets


Day 46-Group Work on Poetry Project


Week 21

Day 47- Presentations on Victorian Poetry

Hand-Outs and Test Questions


Day 48- Test over Victorian Notes and Poetry Presentations

New Vocabulary List Review

Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”

Gender Roles Discussion

Mnemonic DITS on Chopin’s Short Story


Week 22

Day 49- Quiz on Rhetorical Devices

Background of Ibsen

Chalk Talk of Doll’s House

Begin Reading A Doll’s House Act I


Day 50- Quiz on Vocab List 5

Finish Reading A Doll’s House in class.


Week 23

Day 51- The Art of Advertisement

Alligator River Exercise

Discussion and Time to create Socratic Seminar Questions


Day 52- Marriage Debate

Socratic Seminar of A Doll’s House


Day 53- Test over A Doll’s House

Open Ended In-class Essay


Week 24

Day 54-Trifles Reading.

SIFTT Mnemonic Analysis

Discuss considerations for Critical Thinking and Writing

Choose section for Annotation.



Day 55- Quiz on Vocab List 6

Bring in Annotations and Discuss How to Annotate.

Receive Question Outlines and Dialectical Journal Outlines.

Notes on The Handmaid’s Tale and Margaret Atwood.

Begin Reading.  Must have Chapters 1-13 read by next class.


Week 25

Day 56- Discuss characters and character mapping. Question: Reliable Narrator?

Discuss important passages, symbolism and theme Topics.

Read 14-24


Day 57- Quiz on Vocab List 7

Key Passage Discussion

Begin Reading 25-35.  Finish as homework.


Week 26

Day 58- Passage Switch Exercise

Discussion of Symbolism.

SOAPStone Mnemonic Device on Play.

Begin Reading 36 to end, excluding historical notes.  Finish as homework.


Day 59-

Read Historical Notes in class.

Discuss the symbolism of light, dark, eyes, and branding.

“What’s in a Name” Exercise.

Comparison of Female Characters

Discuss Socratic Seminar Questions. (Possible look at Film Clips if there is time)


Day 60- Quiz on Vocab List 8

Socratic Seminar of The Handmaid’s Tale

Test on The Handmaid’s Tale


Week 27

Day 61- Open Ended Essay Question Using The Handmaid’s Tale

Discussion of Oscar Wilde and Satirical Response.

Begin Reading The Importance of Being Earnest


Day 62- Quiz on Vocab List 9

Finish Reading The Importance of Being Earnest

MLA Essay Assignment.


Week 28-

Day 63- Discussion of Author’s Style In Subjectivity and Objectifying Gender.

Work in class on MLA Essay


Day 64- Quiz on Vocab List 10

Turn in Essay.

AP Poetry/Prose/Open-Ended Essay Practice


Day 65- AP Multiple Choice Practice Test

Receive Study Guide for Waiting for Godot.





Week 29

Day 66- Discussion of Key Passages in Waiting for Godot

Discuss Existentialism and Absurd

Film on Samuel Beckett and excerpts from Waiting for Godot.

Work on Packet


Day 67- Turn In Packet.

Test over Waiting for Godot.

Open-Ended Essay Question over


Week 30

Day 68- Short Story Unit

Reading of Margaret Atwood Short Story.

SIFTT of Margaret Atwood Short Story as a class.

Discussion of Short Story Group Assignment.


Day 69- Short Story Class Work Day


Day 70- Turn in STEM AP Questions for Short Story

Last In-Class Work Day


Week 31

Day 71- Class Handout Due

Presentation of Authors and Short Story Assignment


Day 72- Test over short stories.

Discussion of Student Needs for AP Test.


Week 32


Review Notes on Time Period and



Mythology Review


Day 75- Review Terminology



Week 33

Day 76- AP Open-Ended Question Review.

AP Open-Ended Question Work


Day 77-AP Multiple Choice Practice and Review.



Week 34




Week 35

Review for Exams

Bad Rep. Character Day.


Congratulations and Go Be Amazing Versions of YOU!