The Creative Presentation – 2nd major grade (50% of Quarter Exam Grade)

• Your creative project will be presented to the class as you

give a short speech as your Historical figure.

____o 5 to 7 minute presentation about your person:

*2-3 minutes of background information and argument of thesis statement.

*1-2 minutes of presentation which familiarizes the audience with this person’s work or notoriety.

*1-2 minutes for questions from audience.

____o Presentation Specifications

*Student must come dressed in clothing and make-up/hair style associated with character and true to the time in which the person lived.

*Student must speak with the voice of the character.  If the person is from a different country, the student should learn an accent and a few words in the native language of the historical person.  Also, student will use word choice that is true to the person (A person from the 1800s would not say “hashtag.”)

*Student must come up with five (5) questions that are NOT answered in the presentation for the audience member to ask.  However, student should be knowledgeable enough to answer all questions.

*Student must come up with presentation of person’s work, i.e. pictures, song or dance presentation, recitation of speech, etc.

WARNING: This is not a chance to ridicule a historical person or try to impress your fellow peers with comedic actions. This is a grade and should be treated as a formal, although creative, informative speech.



PRESENTATION DUE:                                                    MAY 13th-17th




Teacher Evaluation

Research and Believability

(20 pts)

*The speaker is knowledgeable about his/her topic; s/he supports his/her argument and refutes opposing views.
*Sufficient background is provided for the audience.  

*Clothing and outfit choice truthfully represents historical figure.

*Student voice is believable and shows research into origins of character.


Organization to Speech

(20 pts)

*Student is mindful of time and stays within five to seven minute parameter.

*Overall organization of the speech is clear and effective.
*Transitions are clear, detailed, and obvious.
*The conclusion is memorable and includes an effective closing statement.


Presentation of Speech

(40 pts)

*Rate of delivery is neither too fast nor too slow.
*The speaker talks with enthusiasm and voice of character.
*Eye contact is consistently made with audience members.
*Hand gestures, movements, and demeanor are all

 appropriate for a formal speech.
*Student speaks loudly with few pauses or “ums.”

*Student does not break character.

*Research is accurately spoken within speech.

*The speech is well-delivered and appears well-practiced.



(10 pts)

*Student leaves ample time for questions at the end of speech.

*Student does not break character during questions answers all questions to the best of their ability.




(10 pts)

*Research is not used as substitute for original presentation.

*The speech is within the 5-7 minute parameter.