Ms. Rose's Class

Criminal Justice I   

 Nov. 23-27 

Monday:  Students will participate in cooperative learning as they are divided into groups.  These groups will be assigned a particular era in prison history.  They will collaborate and devise a presentation to teach the class about their era.

Tuesday:  Guest speaker:  Army recruiter *

Wednesday:  Students will have a few moments to work in their groups before giving their presentations.                                                      ******Homework*******  Students are to write a letter to the governor requesting to receive a pardon from their prison sentence. 

Thursday:  KWL's will be conducted in order to gage prior knowledge and establish focus for the day.  PowerPoint presentation on prisons of today to include Federal prisons, improvements and women in jail. 

Friday:  Discussion/Lecture on the growth/future of jails and private prisons.

Britannica Prison 

 **MAKE-UP WORK**  Students that were absent Monday or Wednesday may write brief summaries about two different prison eras.  This information may be found in the Criminal Justice Today books.  Students can go online at and look for the 8th ed. The summary provides a list of these eras in which they can research.

Criminal Justice II

Nov. 23-27 

Monday: Evaluate the value of DNA testing in criminal justice through utilizing a case study.  Research will be conducted online.

Tuesday:  Guest speaker:  Army recruiter*

Wednesday:  Create posters illustrating the DNA fingerprint process

Thursday:  Review of forensics for test

Friday:  Test on forensics. 

 DNA fingerprinting

 **MAKE-UP WORK**  Students that were absent on Monday may write a brief essay describing the value of DNA testing in criminal justice today.  Those absent on Wednesday can create a poster illustrating the DNA fingerprint process (this is how DNA is extracted and coded for analysis).

Criminal Justice III

Nov. 23-27 

Monday:  Students will be creating a police report and case study on a fictitious murder.  This is conducted through cooperative learning.

Tuesday:  Guest speaker:  Army recruiter*

Wednesday:  Complete police report/case study through cooperative learning.

Thursday:  Create a graphic poster or cubes illustrating vocabulary in criminal justice and criminal justice careers.  This will be an arts and crafts day with student collaboration.

 Friday:  Complete project on posters and cubes.

Cops and Kids 

**MAKE-UP WORK**  Those students absent on Monday -Wednesday may see me to receive the police report and information to complete the report.  Those students that were absent on Thursday or Friday can also complete the assignment listed and turn it in when they return to class.   

Career Management

Nov. 23-27 *

Monday:  Vocabulary chapter 4.  Students are to create a chart or graph in which they provide the vocabulary word, definition in their own words, use the word in a sentence and draw an illustration of the words.  This may be completed at home and turned in on Wednesday.

Tuesday:  Guest speaker:  Army recruiter

Wednesdays:  Students will collaborate while answering review questions, "getting involved" questions at the end of the sections.

Thursday:  Review game for chapter 4 test

Friday:  Chapter 4 test 


**MAKE-UP WORK**  Students that were absent on Monday or Wednesday may check out a book in order to complete the assignment. 

 Make-Up Information for guest speaker

* Students are required to wear business casual clothing for guest speakers as a grade. If students did not do so, they may make up the grade.

Criminal Justice I: Write a short essay on the importance and purpose of prisons.

Criminal Justice II: Write a short essay on the importance of forensics.

Criminal Justice III: Write a short instructional essay on the proper format for APA papers.

Career Management:  Write a short essay on the importance of making ethical decisions in work and school settings.