parent sign up sheet

Kindergarten Room Parent 
Sign Up Sheet

If you are interested in helping in the Kindergarten room throughout the school year please sign up below.  I appreciate your willingness to share your time and talent with the class.  Thanks so much!!

Event                          Parent‚s Name/Phone #

Halloween(In charge of the party)       Lisa Jorgenson 555-2224
Halloween(Provide treats)                   Tricia Sitorius 555-2040
                                                            Amy Headley  555-4225
                                                            Lichelle Aden 555-7430

Christmas(In charge of the party)     Charity Wyatt 555-3230
Christmas (Provide treats)                Charlotte Pentheny 555-4278
                                                         Theresa Demoret 555-2159

Valentine‚s Day(In charge of the party)   Khris Jinks 555-4284
Valentine‚s Day(Provide treats)               Irene Schmidt  555-7272
                                                                 Lois Shea 555-2102

If you signed up to be „in charge of a party‰  that usually means you would be the one to call the other parents who have signed up for that same party and coordinate the food/drink and games.  I do  have plenty of games if someone is not comfortable in doing games.

If you signed up to „provide treat‰, that usually means providing food or drink or coming to the classroom to Help out.  Whatever works for you!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to add your name to an event. Thanks again!!