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  Mrs. Guermithe Deshommes-Oge

    Aim for the stars:      

      Over the past twenty-six years, I have gained confidence and experience through teaching and professional growth and I have learned from my students how to improve my teaching. I encourage myself, and others to take responsibility for learning by providing opportunities to collaborate, learn and improve from each other.   

     I believe that every day we are both teachers and learners and if we are reflective teachers, our lives truly become enriched by our experiences and relationships.  I try to see the beauty in life and try to develop a lifelong commitment of personal growth. 

     My philosophy of teaching is largely my philosophy of living. I view each student as an individual and honor different learning styles, abilities and frustrations with sensitivity and respect.  This is where patience, differentiated instruction and accommodation become integral components of my teaching style. I believe in support and encouragement for all of my students. 

     Growing from my strengths, I will be dedicated to live each day to the fullest.  I will be passionate to improve life, making it better for myself, and others.  I will have a positive impact on every person with whom I come into contact, living daily a life filled with compassion, commitment, truthfulness, challenge and laughter.  I will open my eyes, listen to my heart and value each other so that I see life's many opportunities.