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Machine and electrical principle of embroidery machine
Computer embroidery generally uses the embroidery CAD software to make a plate. After generating a template, the discs containing the embroidery program and the pattern are placed in the computer's disk drive. Under program control, the computer replaces the pattern coordinate values ​​with the frame XY. The computerized embroidery machine with the amount of displacement in the direction reaches the equivalent electrical signal, which is sent to the xyz single-chip microcomputer system to process the speed of the motor. Then, the three-phase six-beat number is output. The power amplifier box of the line motor is used for power amplification. At the same time, the z cloth feeding motor is driven at the same time, with the needle moving up and down, so that the embroidery continues.

The z stepper motor drives the head mechanism to rotate through synchronous toothed belts, etc. The  cap embroidery machinespecific mechanism of the head makes the lead mechanism and the needle take the lead to make the upper thread, move down, pierce the fabric; the hook thread mechanism moves, conveys the upper thread, and closes. Tighten the stitch and prepare the face line segment of the next stitch. The x and y stepper motors move the silk frame and the plane of the fabric through synchronous toothed belts and other mechanisms. Send each stitch point on the fabric to the needle for embroidery. The speed of the needle's up and down movement and the direction of the frame movement, the amount of movement and the speed of the coordinated movement will make the upper and lower threads twist. Make a double-lock stitch. When the embroidery continues, the computer embroidery of the pattern is completed.