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2008-2009 Course Syllabus Welcome to Team 7C Life Science! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year. This is a course outline and there may be deviations in pacing and materials based on student needs. Student needs are indicated by instructional levels with modifications and accommodations. Textbook: Life Science, McDougal Littell. Replacement cost, $67.89. Course DescriptionLife Science studies plants, animals and other living organisms, their organization, interaction, and dependence upon one another. Students will be introduced to and engaged in areas of study including: Scientific Inquiry, Cells, Human Body, Plants, Animals, Ecology, Genetics, Kingdom Classification, and Interdependence of Life.*Note: During each grading period, academic teams may issue a newsletter describing specific, current and/or upcoming classroom activities. Course Objectives:  Students will be evaluated on the areas of study. They are also expected to complete one special project during each grading period.                                                                                                 Grading Scale: STUDENT WORK WILL BE GRADED ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING SCALE. A  =  100 - 90 points               B  =  89 - 80 points                 C =  79 - 70 points                  F  =  69 points and below                                    Each 9 Week Period:       Summative Assessments : Unit/Chapter Tests (30%)9-Week Final Test (Exam) (10%) Lab Activities or Special Project or Performance Task (15%)                                                    Formative Assessment:                                                Quizzes (15%)

                                             FAILURE IS NOT

                                             AN OPTION !
               Class Work (10%)               Home Work (10%)               Participation (10%) Suggested Science Supply List: 
ü       No. 2 pencils  (ink pens are not allowed)ü       Hand sanitizer*
ü       Assortment of colored pencils  ü       Baby wipes (or wet wipes)*
ü       Personal Pencil Sharpenerü       Paper Towels*
ü       Highlightersü       Sanitizing Wipes*
ü       College Rule Notebook Paperü       Kleenex (or any off-brand)*
ü       Textbook cover

*WISH LIST: Students may voluntarily donate these items throughout the school year, especially during the cold & flu season.


Classroom Assignments & Homework: Students should complete their class work and homework by the due dates assigned by their teachers. When students are having problems with their homework, they may arrange with their teacher to get help either before or after school. The agenda will help students organize work to be done and make sure all assignments are done on time. Students must make up assignments for schoolwork missed during an excused absence. It is the student’s responsibility to find out about missed assignments from a classmate or to request make-up work from the teacher. The student must then make sure it is completed within the time allotted. If work that is missed cannot be made up, the teacher may decide upon a suitable alternative assignment. Please review page 8 of the student handbook regarding the make-up policy. For a detailed explanation of Academic Policies, students and parents are encouraged to review the 2008-2009 (blue) Student Handbook (pg. 6). Classroom Rules and Procedures:1. Arrive to class on time and prepared with all materials.2. Listen carefully and follow directions.3. Always raise your hand to speak and ask permission to

    leave your seat.

4. Always be respectful to yourself, others and their property, and school property.5. NO FOOD including (BUT not limited to) chewing gum, candy, and sun flower seeds. Consequences: All disciplinary actions will follow THOMSON MIDDLE SCHOOL‘s discipline policy and procedures. Students and parents are encouraged to review the 2008-2009 Parent & Student Handbooks and listed Science Lab Safety Rules (pg. R10, Life Science, McDougal Littell textbook).  Please detach and promptly return form to teacher to receive your first 100% (Participation).(Cut Here)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I, _________________________________ (Print student’s name)            have read and understand the information presented to me.      By signing, I agree that I understand the grading policy and agree to follow classroom & lab safety rules for Mrs. Ferguson’s Life Science Class. I also understand that not returning this form may result in me not being able to participate in lab activities and/or being issued a science textbook. Parent’s signature: ______________________________Date:______________ Student’s signature: _____________________________Date:______________