Jacksonian News for the Week

March 29, 2019

Greetings 1B parents,

Can you believe it is the last week of March?

Religion:  Talked about the 7 Sacraments which are the words and signs that show God's love.

Reading: Each group is working on their own chapter books and being very independent.  Their discussions have been interesting.

Spelling:  The next test will be over " ow and ou" words on 4/5.

Science:  We finished working on matter and will now go to Social Studies next.

Math: Telling time to the hour and half hour is our main focus.  Please work with your child to enhance this concept.  Also keep working on math facts and money for speed and accuracy.


The greatest sign of success is when a teacher can say.....The children are working as though I did not exist.

_______Maria Montessori