My Classroom Website

Welcome to our class website! I'm new at hosting a webpage of my own, so bear with me this year and we'll see how it goes!

I am so excited to begin a new school year. I got to move into our new classroom in January and I just LOVE it- I hope you'll love it too! I also use the promethean boardĀ a lot, and I know you will enjoy that.

I believe in hard work and learning as MUCH as you can possibly cram into your brain! I also believe that you canĀ sometimes have FUN at the same time, as long as everybody understands how. If you will promise to be part of a class that knows how to listen and follow directions, I promise to you that we will be able to do so many enjoyable activities together!

I hope you are having a great summer and I hope you recieved my letter in the mail.

Look forward to seeing you soon!