My Classroom Website

Welcome to Big Rapids Middle School! 

      As the technology teacher, it's my job to guide students and make connections with what's happening in their classroom and integrate it with technology. But most of all, it's my job to ensure that the students are having a meaningful experience in their learning.
      The students of today are native to all of the technology that exists, and somehow, educators need to be sure that they're teaching their students in the best way possible to prepare them for the future.
The goal of this site is to provide a link, to where students and parents can go to find educational resources to help with homework, research, specific skills or even a fun place to play some games. I am still constructing my web page so be sure to check back often to see new additions.            

      I'm excited to be working with the children this year and hope to provide them with the necessary skills that allow them to be creative, inquisitive and reflective young people.