The MJH Edge


Technology Integration 


Our Focus:

Helping teachers effectively integrate technology into their curriculum by: 
  • Providing training and tutorials to help teachers learn the basics of using technology.
  • Encouraging teachers to use technology to support their instruction.
  • Integrating new technology into daily classroom practice.
  • Searching for new uses of available technology tools and designing projects that combine multiple technologies. 
  • Incorporating project-based learning and interdisciplinary work with technology being just one of the many tools that students use. 

Our Mission: 

To prepare instructional staff to integrate technology into their curriculum and promote a student-learning environment that aids and encourages technological skills.

Our Vision: 

We see teachers who are creating a rich learning environment with activities that would have been impossible to achieve without technology, and students who are actively engaged in using technology as a tool rather than passively receiving information from the technology. 

"To infinity and beyond..."