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Welcome to First Grade!


First grade is such an important part of your child's education.  We know you will be amazed at the amount of growth your child will experience throughout this school year.  

As a team, we are so excited to see what the 2019-2020 school year has to hold for this sweet group of students!  We feel that it is a great honor to be teaching at the BESt school in the parish. We take the responsibility of spending our day with your babies very seriously.  We hope to work with you as a team, to ensure both a positive and successful school year for all of our students! Thank you for this opportunity! 


Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Magee




********Online learning is complete:  Please use the information for school supply pickup instructions and devices return, that is posted to google classroom.  Or refer to the schedule below: 

Blanchard Elementary Student Belongings Dispersal

May 18-20

Tuesday May 19th -  Last name  A-E  pick up 8:30 – 9:30, F-J pick up 10:00 – 11:00, K-R pick up 11:30-12:30, S-Z pick up 1:00--2:00. NO ONE WILL GET OUT OF THEIR CAR!  Office staff will be answering the phones during this time.

Wednesday, May 20th – Last Name – A-E – pick up 4:00-4:30, F-J pick up 4:45 – 5:15, K-R pick up 5:30 – 6:00, S-Z pick up 6:15-6:45 two teacher volunteers and Mrs. Burgess working the carpool line. No one will get out of their cars. Office staff will answer phones during regular office hours only.



Have a GREAT summer!!!



Weekly ELA/Reading and Math 



Word Recognition and Story Reading 

Spelling Skill: 

Skills Taught Previously:

Decodable Reader:   

Spelling Words:  

First Grade Tricky Words: a, all, are, no, of, once, one, from, so, some, said, says, to, have, I, is, word, were, do, two, who, the, word, were, who, where, when, why, what, which, here, there, he, me, she, be, we, they, their, this, that, those, these, your, because, could, should, would, today, tomorrow, yesterday, how, coach, picture, stagecoach    

(This is the list of Tricky Words that we will learn throughout the school year) 

Part of Speech: 





(This will be a teacher lead daily reading with oral vocabulary.  The students will be read a story by their teacher and will be tested on comprehension and understanding, at the end of each Unit. This will require good listening skills.)






Social Living


Please be sure to read at least 20-30 minutes with your child each night! 



 Each student is required to complete at least one digital lesson per day, Monday - Thurs.   Friday is our reteach, enrich and catch up day!  Your child will complete 3-4 Exit tickets per week, that go along with the lesson being taught.  They will also have a quiz after each topic and a final test at the end of each mission. This may change somewhat, due to online learning.  Hopefully it will stay very close to this and the students are already very comfortable with Zearn online lessons.  







* Be sure to practice addition and subtraction at home as well. 

* We will send math facts worksheets and Zearn review home for homework and extra practice, from time to time. 



First Grade News: 

Please be sure to check your childs red folder each day for any notes, conduct, special dates or school news.

Please review and sign your childs blue folder each week!  This folder will only come home on Tuesdays and will need to be returned the following day. This folder will contain graded work that your child has completed the previous week.

Be sure to complete homework with your child.  This work is meant to enrich and in some cases help to master a concept that your child may be struggling with during our lesson that day. This work is not graded but is still very important. 




********Online learning is complete:  Please use the information for school supply pickup instructions and devices return, that is posted to google classroom.