15 Minutes of Math

 During the second marking period, the 3-5 team will be focusing on simple addition problems.  Students need to be able to add quickly!  We still have several students using their fingers or taking too much time to add numbers like 6 + 8.  In order to be successful in the future, we are requiring all students to master the simple additon facts.  Each Monday a new math sheet will be sent home for students to practice for at least fifteen minutes each night, Monday through Thursday.  A timed test will be given on Friday. By the end of the marking period, January 19, we expect all students to correctly complete a timed sheet.  This is a huge task, which is why  we are taking an entire marking period for the focus.

 15 Minutes of Reading

We need to increase the speed and comprehension of our students reading abiities.  Therefore, the second part of the Monday through Thursday homework is reading for fifteen minutes.  Reading anything!The can read to you or be read to.  They can read long or short stories, magazines, signs, labels, absolutely anything.  On Friday they are to bring in a reading report.  Nothing huge, just an account of what they read showing that they understood what they read.