Meet The Teacher

Mrs. Mary Kay Kartz

I was born and raised in Saginaw, graduating from Arthur Hill High School in 1978.  I attended Delta College and Western Michigan University, graduating with honors earning an elementary teaching degree.  I have taught pre-school, adults, middle school and elementaray.  I just love to teach.  My goal with each and every student is to make them thinkers!

My style of teaching is a very hands-on approach. Our classroom does not look like your typical room with desk in neat little rows and an adult in front trying to get students to obsorb relavant information.  Students are working on projects, reading together on the couch or camp chair, playing math games, researching on the lap tops, just to name a few.  In the beginning of the year students will tell me I'm not helping them, but what they are really saying is I'm not giving them the answers.  I will supply them with demonstrations, examples and materials, but they will have to think in order to come up with the solutions.  

I am married with three children.  My oldest son is persuing a degree in personal fitness.  My eighteen year old daughter is a senior this year and plans to attend Albion's pre-med program.  She will some day be a pediatrician.  Our youngest daughter who is three stays home with her daddy.

Our Micro Society school has always impressed me because I have a family business background.  My parents, brothers and sisters are all business owners in the mid Michigan region. Although I have had the opportunity to be in business, I have chosen to follow my heart and teach.