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Who Are You???


You are starting a sewing circle with all your pals.  Your job is to search the Internet to find information about yourself to complete a TechnoQuilt. Once you have found all the correct information, you may design, illustrate and fabricate your quilt.  These will be displayed.

Your Task

Create a quilt all about you.

The Process

Your quilt should include the following sections:

  • Information about your name - the origins, the country it comes from and what it means.
  • At least three historical markers that happened on your birthday in the past.
  • At least three people who were born on your birthday.
  • Two holidays or crazy observances that happen on your birthday or in the month in which you were born.
  • The zodiac sign and gemstone of your birthday and month.



Internet sites that may be helpful in completing this assignment:

Search Meaning of Name

On this Day in History – Events In History – People Born On Your Day


Zodiac Signs and Gemstones




Once you have found the information you need - you may go onto your document that is  saved in your folder and begin your quilt.


Get 2 Months for $5!