Winter WebQuest

Today you will be clicking on keywords to find the answers to winter questions.

Click on the keyword you feel is the one that will link you to the website that will give you the answer.

You will also click on the document link that will take you to the sheet you will type your answers on, then print to the TechCenter Color.

Good luck!!


1.  There are three holidays in the final FULL week of December.

What are the names of all three holidays and what is the date of each?

2.  Name me three TEAM SPORTS that take place during the winter.

3.  This winter sport involves sitting around a hole and using a rod to catch something.

4.  This is the official holiday theme of the White House this year.

5.  This is the address to the most famous tree in New York City.

6.  When is Australia's winter?

7. What are the six snowiest cities in America?

8.  The city of North Pole is actually in what US state?

9. What was the coldest temperature ever recorded?

10.  What makes up a snowflake?