Curious Quique/Curioso Quique

Curious Quique – By Millie Lawhon                                     

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Curious Quique/Curioso Quique

In the Torres Family series of books, the family learns and explores scientific

principles through everyday experiences and adventures. From the curiosity

of the young boy Quique to the wisdom of Grandfather Felix,

life’s mysteries are explained as the bilingual series stresses family

values and focuses on a different scientific

principle in each story. All text is in Spanish and English and

each book features comprehension questions and

a vocabulary section to help children learn and expand their second language.

In Book 1 of the series, Curious Quique, young Quique learns about the process

called the Scientific Method.

The colorful illustrations stimulate the curiosity and imagination of children

as they follow the adventures of the Torres Family.