6th Graders at Bethany attend Lutheran Memorial Camp during the spring of the year as the "Outdoor Education Program" for the year.  Students will leave Bethany on Monday morning and return Thursday afternoon.  During the week they will participate in many activities designed to foster an appreciation of nature, conservation, and stewardship. 
     LMC Camp staff and the Sixth grade teacher will share teaching duties for the classes.  There will be different groupings for the many activities during the week.  Students will spend three nights in the cabins at LMC, and all meals (except Monday lunch) and snacks will be provided by the camp.
     Students at Bethany earn money to pay for the trip through various fundraisers at Bethany.  About two months before the trip, the school secretary gives each student an itemized list of how much the student has earned toward this trip.
An introduction for this experience is presented at the PTL Open House in the fall.  An additional meeting will take place a few weeks prior to the trip.  Packing, procedures, and medication information are discussed at that meeting.