Camp Assignment

     Students attending the trip to camp, "Outdoor Education Week," complete a journal on their daily activities.  There is also a short-response to write each evening during School Time.  The activities at camp are all designed as student-participation with plenty of interaction between the students and the teacher or camp staff leader.  These activities are best experienced in person.  Occassionally a student cannot attend the camping trip, so an alternate set of assignments have been designed to catch some of the things the students do while on their trip.

Alternate Camp Assignments

            For all reports, essays, and power point/Google Slides presentations, be sure to give credit where credit is due by citing the sources used.  A listing at the end is satisfactory credit.  The students should use “their own words” in writing these reports as plagiarism is not tolerated.  Use proper format techniques when using a quotation.  Age-appropriate grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are expected.  Word processed documents are expected, and additions of graphics or photographs are encouraged.  Shorter essays may be written, i.e. cursive, in blue or black ink.  These assignments do not meet a student attending the Outdoor Education Week’s time commitment, but these assignments will cover some of the topics the students experience during the week.

 Monday – Travel to LMC and Orientation

            Prepare a short devotion based on a passage from John 19.  The writer may use their own discretion as to the presentation format and medium.

            Write a three-paragraph persuasive essay why the city of Solon, OH must limit the deer population within the town’s boundaries.  Include the definitions and functions of the terms “predator” and “prey.” The first paragraph (of at least four sentences) must identify the problems the overpopulation of deer presents for the town. The second paragraph (of at least four sentences) should identify why the deer population has grown to create this issue and why this is a problem for the deer herd. The third paragraph (of at least four sentences) should identify how the town might plan to control the deer population.

 Tuesday – Living History Day

            Write a three-paragraph comparison/contrast essay of at least four sentences for each paragraph comparing a teen’s life today to the life of an Ohio setter in 1803.  Some possible divisions for the essay are housing, food, work, family, and religion.  Other topics may be included as the research permits. Start with these websites:

            Research the early history of Ohio leading to statehood.  In the report, include a paragraph about the events leading to the Greenville Treaty of 1795.  Also include details about some of the principal figures at this time:  Tecumseh, Blue Jacket, General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, and the Battle of Fallen Timbers.  Also answer these questions: What did the U.S. hope to gain from this action? What was the goal of the Native Americans at this time.

These websites may be useful starting sites for the research topic:

Wednesday – Living Green Day for lack of a better title

     Create a Power Point/Slide presentation of at least seven slides on what it means to live a green lifestyle.   Words that attract a lot of attention currently are words such as sustainability, reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, locally produced, Ecological footprint, and so on.

     Create a Power Point of at least seven-slides explaining several objects found in the night sky.  Include the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, and the stars, Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Polaris.  Also include the constellations Orion, Cassiopeia, and “The Big Dipper.”

Thursday – Departure Day

Choose Either option:

    A) Write an explanatory essay (at least four sentences) about visiting a cemetery.  Begin by using the website  Click on the Visitors Guide link and read through the information presented by this company.  Also check the “Funeral Etiquette” and “Museum Exhibits” links.  A visit to the national cemetery at Arlington may also be useful.  Although these websites will not allow the discussion that the trip to Fulton’s cemetery will generate, these are good starting links for this topic.

    B) Write a persuasive essay (at least four sentences) which addresses the topic of “How Working Together in a Group Contributes to Group’s Well-Being.”

While all of the links on this page used to work, time may have taken a toll on them. Please report any non-working links in your report. Be sure to copy-and-paste the links used for the reports and presentations at the end of each assignment.