Geography - 6 Grade - Chapter 15 Project

Romania Carpathian mountains Cozia Romania landscape

Chapter 15 – Eastern Europe

Chapter Presentation

Due date: Friday, Jan. 20th, 2017


            Write a brief report (TS - 6ex - SS) about a country or a physical feature in Eastern Europe, and prepare a visual presentation that illustrates both the subject and the topic chosen.  Find pictures, graphs, or charts appropriate to the chosen country or landform, and present this information to the class.  Captions that explain each picture or graph should be included.   At the bottom of the written report, two websites beyond Wikipedia must be listed that were used for the project preparation.   One direct quote may be used if the author is given recognition, and the proper format should be used.  An electronic version of the written report must be submitted via e-mail, memory device or, shared via Google.Doc.  Plagiarism is not tolerated.  .  Be sure to check the grading rubric to meet all the requirements.

            Students will be on their own to find appropriate websites for this work.  Parental supervision while using the Internet is advised.


Estonia                                    Latvia                                      Lithuania

Poland                                     Belarus                                    Ukraine

Czech Republic                        Slovakia                                   Hungary

Moldova                                  Romania                                   Bulgaria

Slovenia                                   Croatia                                    Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbia                                      Bulgaria                                  Montenegro

Macedonia                              Albania                                    Budapest

Kiev                                         Prague                                     Warsaw

Danube River                          Black Sea                                 Baltic Sea

Adriatic Sea                           Balkan Mountains                    Northern European Plain