Math: Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine: Measurement and Geometry

Chapter Focus: Use ratios to convert customary and metric units, and solve problems involving measurement and formula

Students will work with both the customary and the metric system of measurements.  They will also measure angles, and find perimeters and circumferences of geometric figures.  New vocabulary will be introduced as well.  Students are allowed to take and use notes for the test.




Some Links that may be useful:

Click on this link to go to Holt McDougal's Math Help Website:

This website has useful definitions for math work:

Click on this linkto go the old Prentice Hall's (the textbook publisher) link for video tutors.  Although we no longer use this series, these video tutors may be useful.

This link has some short videos about using the Metric System.

Here are more links for on-line math help: 

This has a variety of student-created videos.

 Dr. Math

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This is an easy-to-use site to create graphs

This site has many videos for math and science related topics.  Scroll down to the bottom for links for elementary school math videos.