Soc. St. 7th Grade Egypt Page

      The Egyptian society and culture holds many fascinating details to discover beyond what the textbook mentions.  Below Tut's mask is a list of links.  Each link will leave this website, but please report any broken links.  Enjoy the journey!

Internet Resources

General Web Sites

Write your name in Heiroglyph

Ancient Egypt: Science and Technology

Lots of information on mummies, tombs and the afterlife. Activities include excavating secret messages, planning your afterlife and learning hieroglyphs.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt

Excellent introduction to temples, pyramids, mummification and all things Egyptian. Interactive activities teach Egyptian writing, numbers, games, chronology and geography.

Color me Egypt

Modern Egypt and Ancient Egypt in this website for kids. Read a blog by a 15 year old Egyptian girl. The adult part of the site has even more information that isn't too hard to read.


Daily life of the pharaohs right down to the farmers as well as mythology, writing, mummies, hieroglyphics and some great pictures of it all.


Daily life in Ancient Egypt as well as mummies, pyramids and animals.You can even make a Pharaoh Death Mask.

Encyclopedia Mythica

This site has a lot of bits of information on Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Eternal Egypt / L'Egypte éternelle

Investigate the significant innovations of this ancient civilization. It includes society, culture, religion, agriculture and more. It's not written for children but has good information.

Secrets of the Pharaohs

Timelines, interactive maps, mummies, pyramid tour and plenty of links.


The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto knows a thing or two about Ancient Egypt.

The Boy King Returns

King Tut information from National Geographic.

The Ancient Egypt Site

Comprehensive site with history, monuments, language and links to museums.

Discovering Ancient Egypt

All about Egypt, pyramids, temple reconstruction and pharaohs.

History for Kids

Comprehensive, encyclopedic site

Timeline for Egypt

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Specific Subject Sites



Ancient Egypt Houses

Egypt: Art and Architecture

Houses of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Homes


Everyday Life

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Egypt: Daily Life

Ancient Egyptian Clothes 


Ancient Egyptian Farming

Farming in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Farming 


The Food of the Ancient Egyptians

Egyptian Food

Ancient Egyptian Food


The Write Stuff: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics from Nova


Ancient Egyptian Inventions

Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Inventions


Maps and Timelines

Ancient Egypt Maps

Sites and Cities in Ancient Egypt


Egyptian Numerals

Egypt Number Symbols

Numer Hieroglyphs

Egyptian Numbers

Egyptian Math



Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Medicine in Ancient Egypt


The “Clickable” Mummy

Animal Mummies

Cyber Mummy

Egyptian Mummies



Ancient Egyptian Papyrus


Egyptian Pharoahs



Explore the Pyramids

The Enigmatic Pyramids

Pyramids in Egypt



Religion in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Religion of Ancient Egypt


Transportation in Ancient Egypt


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