Soc. St. Chapter 10 Project

  Chapter Ten:  Research Project  

Due Date:  March 13, 2013

            The textbook, World Cultures and Geography, barely touched on the civilization of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome; two significant cultures.  Choose a topic from among the following choices.  Research the topic and write a three paragraph report about the topic chosen.  The first paragraph should address what the topic is and why it was chosen.  The second paragraph should detail the topic’s significance, importance, and other details that made it noteworthy at the time.  In the third paragraph write about what was learned and why it is significant today.  Please track the resources that were used for this report.  At the end of the report list the sources used for this report. Wikipedia is not a valid source for this scholarly paper.  It is important to summarize what was read, and be sure to write the report in the student’s own words unless directly quoting a source.  In writing the paper, the usual formal writing standards apply.  Two versions of the report are to be submitted. The usual word processed document is to be submitted, which may include a photograph or (cut-and-past is acceptable) reproduction.  The second version is an electronic copy which may be submitted via flash drive or e-mail attachment.

Possible Topics:

Greek Myths                 Greek Gods                   Plato                                Aristotle

Socrates                       Euripedes                     Alexander the Great          Hippocrates

Archimedes                  Euclid                           Pythagoras                       Pericles

Sparta                         Athens                          Corinth                             Battle of Salamis

Mycanae                      Minoa                           Olympic Games                  Peloponnesian War

Trojan War                  Greek Geography          The Illiad                           The Odyssey

Homer                         Battle of Marathon        Julius Caesar                      Caesar Augustus

Roman Emperors           Hanibal                        The Punic Wars                  Architecture

The Colosseum              Roman Games              Carthage                           Rome

Hippodrome                  Hadrian’s Wall             Constantinople                   Eudocia

a topic of choice      

This may be a broad research paper or narrowed to a specific topic within that topic.

These websites offer help to begin the project:

Further research will be needed.  If searching the Internet, please inform parents and search carefully.  No further websites have been verified.  Directions for formatting the sources used will be given in class.  The format of 3(TS-3ex-SS) will be used.