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Social Studies: WWII Webquests



     Choose one of the following webquests and read the information about the topic.  There may be external links to examine.  Decide what information to present to the class and prepare a (five-slide minimum) Power Point about the topic chosen.  The due date for the project is May 2nd.  (Power Point displays are to be turned in by then, even if the class presentation has not been given.)

World War II Webquests:

American People of WWII

Causes of WWII

Impact of D-Day

Diary of Anne Frank

Great Depression, Holocaust, WWII

Work on the Homefront


Contributions of Minorities

Very open to student’s research

Leaders of WWII

Letters from the Front

Men and Women’s Lives during WWII

Japanese Iternment Camp

Navajo Code talkers

Pearl Harbor

Dogs for the Defense

What if the Axis won WWII

Countries of WWII



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