Washington D.C. Report

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Washington D.C. Report

     As the Seventh grade prepares to visit Washington D.C., they will research a Washington D.C. point of interest and create a Power Point to share the findings with their classmates.  This grade is a test grade, and the student knows the requirements as they begin the research for their chosen topic.  The students will submit their Power Points by the due date, and presentations will begin shortly after the due date.  The students will have a wonderful opportunity to prepare their classmates for this trip with the research and presentations given.  Please note that the Power Point text is to be copied onto a word document which will be submitted with the presentation.

Checkpoints and due date:  Research check, 1/29, Power Point check 2/5, Project Check 2/19, Wash. D.C. Project due March 16th.

Select a topic from those given in class about the upcoming Washington D.C. trip and prepare a ten to twenty slide Power Point.  Each student will present their research to the class to awaken curiosity and build awareness for the coming trip.  The Power Point allows for great flexibility in visual, graphical, and textual information to enhance the speaker’s oral presentation.  While doing research on the topic, the student should be aware of the historical significance of the topic and may choose to include any or all (or more) of the following items: history, design, symbolism, construction, historical issues, contemporary issues, today’s significance, and other appropriate data.  Use the grading rubric as a guideline to meet the grading standards.

Students may wish to create notes for use with the presentation, but they should not read the power point to the class.  Using cut-and-paste, the student is to copy the text of the Power Point onto a Word document and submit the electronic Word document with the Power Point.  The presentation will be checked for plagiarism.  One direct quote may be used in the presentation if it is properly formatted and gives credit to the author.

The display computer uses Microsoft Power Point 2013.  Older Power Point version may be used as well.  Students may e-mail the power point or use a USB memory device to save the presentation, but the presentation must be submitted by the due date.  Presentations to the class will begin shortly after the due date.

The first slide of the presentation will be a Title page with no other information other than the title of the topic chosen.  The final slide will be a modified bibliography on which the student will list all the sources used to prepare the report.  Two additional websites beyond Wikipedia are to be used for research and will be displayed. Website links may be copied and pasted on the slide.  Book title, author, publisher, and page numbers are to be given for books and magazines (include the date of publication) used for reference.

A short video clip, less than one minute, may be included with the presentation.