Writing assignments in Sixth grade usually have a longer work period than daily assignment work.  Students may be asked to use formal grammar where the editorial "you" and contractions are not permitted.  Directions will be given in class as to the type of response to write.

Documents may be created in any of three ways:  A) a written document using blue or black ink, B) a typewritten document, or C) a word processed document.  The third option is the preferred method as proofreading, spell check, corrections, and other changes ae easily and neatly made.

Work may be submitted as traditional assignments are, or they may be e-mailed too.  Please include the student's name and the word "attachment" in the header.

Word processed documents should be written using a "normal" font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia.  The size should either a 12 or 14-sized font.  Single or double spacing will be determined in the classroom.

The students should make use of their student account at school.  Flash drives i.e. memory sticks are encouraged but not required.  Frequent writing and the important process of editing are strongly encouraged.

Topic:  There is no writing topic at this time.  Worksheets based on the recent writing activity are assigned periodically.

Due Date:  To be announced shortly