Mrs. Lindemann's Middle School Science



¨ 2-3 Composition Books (For notes throughout the school year.  Science Class Only)

¨ 3-Ring Binder (Any size to store papers and may stay at home.)

¨ 1 Pocket Folders with Prongs (To be used as a unit/homework folder.  Science Class Only)

¨ 1 Clorox Wipes (For Science Class Only)

¨ 1 Small Bottle of Bleach (For 30 oz or Tablets.  Science Class Only)

¨ 1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer (For Science Class Only)

¨ Various Project Materials (Will be required and assigned throughout the school year.  Not needed at the beginning of the school year.  Science Class Only)

¨ All grade basic supplies for pencil pouch including colored pencils, pens, pencils, ruler, glue stick, scissor, eraser, and any others listed on the entire school supply lists.  My class will need these materials as well.  Stickers are fun to add to our science comp books too.

¨ NEW THIS YEAR, 1 backpack (not rolling) due to no use of lockers.



We will be using a variety of online methods this school year. 

Please have a set of earbuds or other listening methods to plug into your in-school computers.  It can be wrapped inside the pencil pouch or backpack.

1. The school has issued a student school email.  It will be  Password will be given at school.  If student changes password, please write this down in the school issued planner for safe keeping.  (Advice: Keep all educational passwords in the same place.  Place them in your planner under your birthday page.)

2. We will be using Google Classroom for many assignments.  Class codes for individual courses will be given in the beginning of the academic school year.

3. We will be using Zoom for class lectures and study/practice sessions.  Those links will be released shortly after being assigned.  I prefer this method for face to face interactions and instruction.

4. We will also be using Google Meet for class lectures and study/practice sessions.  Those links will be released shortly after being assigned.  I prefer the Zoom method for face to face interactions and instructions.

5. The week's lessons will be posted here under the clickable tab for that week and found on google classroom main stream page.  Parents may receive a weekly update from Google classroom for all classes when prompted and can unsubscribe at any time.

Teachers will have time to train students and I will provide clickable links here on how to access each item for reference.

6. IC (Infinite Campus) will house the official assignments and grades.  Google classroom does not reflect grades accurately all the time.  Please refer to IC.  Your IC log in can be given to you from the main office.  Any assignment marked "M" is missing.  There will be new policies for missing work if we remote learn.  Otherwise, during the academic regular school year we do not take missing assignments unless excused due to unforeseen circumstances.  There is a parent/student app for easy checking.


MY CONTACT:                                                                                 

You may email me with questions or concerns at


*Please allow up to 2 days for a response and up to a week for a personal meeting if the building is open.  We may offer a zoom meeting in lieu of in person.

During summer, please allow up to week for a response. 



Please include your full name, your student's full name and grade.

Thank you and take care,    

Megan Lindemann                                                                                                                     

Belle Creek Charter School

Middle School Science