8th Grade Q1 - Week 1 8/8/19 - 8/9/19

Thursday August 8

First Day of School

Check in Supplies (Please see 8th Grade Supply List Link Above)

Introduction Video to Physical Science

Video Link:



Friday August 9

School/Classroom Expectation Basic Rules

Basic Seating (Alphabetized for first week or two)

Planners and Planner Check

How to Access my classroom web page?

TWIG Video: Why is the Sky Blue? 

CLICK LINK - VIDEO: Why is the Sky Blue?


     Question: What causes the sky to be black, blue, and reds/oranges?

     Question: Is the Universe/Outer Space full of light?  Explain.



Make sure to have science supplies Monday


Note to Families:  Syllabus and Expectation Sheets will be issued next week.  I will create a folder with those sheets clickable on this site.