Mrs. Matos Classroom Website - MATH WIZZARDS!

First of all, welcome to back to school. Laughing

On our math class page, you will find upcoming events, homework assignments, etc.  Also, educational and age appropriate games links. 

Second grade math starts with a review o the basics from first grade and then moves to a seires of new skills.  Very important the students will learn to order, and express quantities to sole problems.  They will know how to convert language into math problems.  

By the end of second grade students will know:

  1. Add and subtract one, two and three digits numbers
  2. Tell time by hours and minutes
  3. Count money
  4. Place values to hundrends
  5. Work with geometric shapes
  6. VERY IMPORTANT solve simple word problems

As per our conversation during Parents Night dated August 6, 2010, here are some of the points discussed:


Tests will be notice with almost one week in advance.


Quizzes will be notice with 4 days in advance, they will cover what we discuss during that week.  


They will be posted on the class website in case your child forgets what has to be done or did not copy the correct instructions.  Homework missed due to absence will usually be due the following day after returning to school.  ALWAYS talk to your teacher if due to the number of days missed, workload, and the reason for the absence, the due date can soemtimes be negotiable.